saft make safari QUIT after update to 10.4.2

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An other way is:

Saft (8.0.2) doesn't seem to like the updated Safari (2.0 build 412.2) included in the OS X 10.4.2 update. So hold off updating to 10.4.2 if you want Saft to keep working.

If you've installed the OS X updated and need to remove Saft so Safari will launch go to:


Then remove the folder called "Saft"

Probably it will take only a few days for the Saft developers to release a 10.4.2 compatible version. :) So hopefully those who want to keep using Saft will then have paitence for a few days of wait.
I had initially installed saft, but I have removed in and safari still will not open since I've upgraded...what else might be the problem???