SAMBA ON OSXPB?!? #*&!!%!!


gorilla beta tester
Would someone with the knowhow please explain to me (*nix illiterate) how exactly to install and use Samba on osx?
I have need to connect to various NT servers at work and while Ive heard that installing Samba will do the trick for me,.I have ENTIRELY NO IDEA how to proceed.

I would be indebted forever

I struggled through the instructions,..and eventually got as far as configuring the WINS Server info,..I restarted but had to manually start Sharity from the terminal,...
I left work before I got everything working, kept crashing and I had a headache. However I have read through some of the other threads on this matter and believe I know what I need to do when I get back to work on Monday. Thank you for the help =)

I shall keep you posted,....