SAMBA, OSX and Windows2000


OK... I've been having fun with Win2k and Samba and I want to share this to see if other people are having the same problem, if it's just Windows (yeah I already know that) or if it's me.

Needing to can Win2k on main machine cause I can't play my games anymore (lol) and having 21GB of MP3s to backup.

Install Samba on B&W G3 running OSX and dump on spare 20 GB hard drive from a G4 (then copy to Jaz so I can listen to them on vacation on my Powerbook G3/500).

Setup Samba with mostly defaults, here's the conf file....

# Samba config file created using SWAT
# from (
# Date: 2000/10/25 21:10:55

# Global parameters
workgroup = PCMNETWORKS
netbios name = PRIMARYOSX
announce as = NT Workstation

comment = 19GB Drive for MP3s
path = /OSXBackup
writeable = Yes
guest ok = Yes

I can mount fine, browse fine, copy files fine BUT I can't copy directory structures. I did just about everything from chmod 777 on the share double and triple checking permissions in the OSX inspector. It comes down to not having permissions to create a folder on the SMB share, despite looking like I have full rights.

The kicker is tho.... I authenticate on the OSX box as a particular user, create the folder that I want the directory structure to appear in and then authenticate from the W2k box as the exact same user, mount the share in 2k and everything works like a dream as long as I don't log out from the OSX box. If I do it goes back to the same thing.

Thoughts or ideas are welcome :eek:)


B&W G3/400, 256MB RAM, NO CLASSIC.

Also noticed close behavior to this in Win98 too......
Originally posted by UNSpacy
Needing to can Win2k on main machine cause I can't play my games anymore (lol) and having 21GB of MP3s to backup.


My main question is what was your plan for the win2K machine that makes you think that you will lose your data. If you want to get the data off of the machine simply use an ftp client that supports folders (heaps at If you are ftping to OSX then simply turn on the option in the control panel to allow ftp access & use an ftp client. If not, then download a free ftp server from for your PC or activate ftp access in the Personal WEB sharing. Either way, if you are having problems with Samba configuration & your not a unix head (which I'm not) then this will work for you without having to fiddle around.

Then if you want to load Windows 9x/ ME on your PC to play games & your hard disk is NTFS use a tool like partition magic to change the NTFS to fat or fat32. Once you have done this or if your partition is already FAT or FAT32 Then get a windows boot disk, boot from it & type the folllowing:-

fdisk /mbr
sys c:

This will clean of the win2k boot sector. You can then cleanup the winnt directory or whichever you selected to be your win2k system directory.

Now you can install Windows 9x/ME without loss of data.

I hope this different solution to your problem helps.