sample source for audio apps?


Can anyone point me to source for an audio player application? I need to see how this is done properly in an X app.
You could have a look at <>. It is a port of mpg123 to Mac OS X; it is a bit complicated, due to the mpg123's architecture, but you'll find in audio_macosx.c the basics (opening, playing and closing).

In fact, for mpg123, I have to stop the main app before it fills my buffer and more, and awake it when my buffer needs refilling. Instead of that, you will just need to fill a buffer when asked by CoreAudio.

there's also code on the Developer's CD which installs into:


And there's a manual CoreAudio.pdf, which
is linked to in an obscure way from the osx page. I think you can find it on google. 120 pages. [boggles]

(here it is:


Daisy is a Carbon event model application. Does anyone know if it's possible to build a unix command line *audio* app without having to deal with the ornateness of the Carbon or Cocoa GUI models?

I could strip all the GUI stuff out of Daisy (and am well on my way to doing that) but I can't help but think that there's a Darwin audio library out there somewhere with function call interfaces that have names that aren't 30 chars long.