Samsung Scx-4100 Multifunction With Osx Tiger


It appears that Samsung have discontinued a lot of support for Mac drivers with various printers. One example is the Samsung SCX-4100 multifunction, where Samsung have removed the drivers from their sites, but are still available in archives (refer: Whilst I imagine these archives refer to drivers applicable to previous OSX versions (Panther?), my question is will it work with Tiger? (I found this multifunction on sale at a reasonable price, but did not want to invest in one if it is non-compatible with Tiger).


I have just the experience on one of their printers... The driver should work. I am still using the driver they released for Panther.

Since I am posting here, I might as well make it a public complaint against Samsung. They hooked us Mac users in for their products back when they supported Mac. But now they just pulled all the Mac drivers from their sites? What if I have a new Mac I need the driver for the printer I already PAID for?

Samsung printers are cheap and do what they are supposed to. But I will never buy another printer from them again.