Samsung vs Apple?



I am having trouble deciding on which display is higher quality for my needs. I plan to use a KVM to connect a G5 Tower and a WinXP box to one of the following displays:

23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display

Samsung 243T 24 Inch LCD Display

The people at the Apple store told me that Apple's is a higher quality monitor and will work on WinXP...

Does anyone know which screen is better and also works on both operating systems?

With thanks!
The HP of that size beat both of them and the Sony LCD's in several tests both on Macs and windows. When you buy Apple you are paying for the name. I have found very few WIN people using Apple monitors, I am not sure if there would be issues with DVI connections and such on the KVM switch.
What I am looking for is, if anyone has used the Apple LCD on WinXP and the Samsung on OS X?

If so, what were your experiences?

Now, finding an applicable DVI-KVM is a very important issue and I found one that is an excellent DVI KVM:


Kindest regards!
Glad to see your looking at a quality KVM as opposed to the Belkin I purchased the first time. I should have forked over the cash for a quality product the first time. The Belkin, I used on a PowerMac G5/Dell didn't last long. The short functioning time it would not work with the Apple Keyboard and had to be slightly engineered to fit the large Apple DVI receptacle. I am currently waiting for a Dr. Bott #0154-MPDV.

I bought the 23" HP L2335 LCD monitor for ~$1000. It is superb, and according to the MacWorld review, superior, by far, to the other 23" LCD. All I can tell you is I have the 22" Cinema Display on my G4, and the HP on the G5 just dusts it.

I thought Samsung's LCD division was partly owned by Apple anyway, and that the displays, while different in appearance, are from the same production line.