Save to PDF error in MS Word


At the end of two very long days of copy editing my husband's book (and many frustrating setbacks in MS Word for Mac), I have finished and am now attempting to export 140 page word document to PDF. I am able to successfully export 137 pages and then I keep getting this error message:

"A footer of section 27 is set outside the printable area of the page. DO you want to continue?"

I've gotten this error before and typically I just click yes and get on with it, but what's happening is that it is saving pages 1-137 as one PDF file and then the last 3 pages as a separate file. During one attempt it even saved the last 3 pages as 3 separate files. I need this to be all one file in order to upload the book to

I tried this on both my laptop (Version 10.5.2) and my desktop (10.4.11) I am using Word 2004.

I also want to make sure that all my fonts and graphics are automatically embedded when I save to this type of PDF.

Any help you can give is so greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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You can simply add those pages to the larger document. (Why, by all that's holy, did you use WORD to create a book document?!) Export to pdf/x-1a to embed the fonts and make your printer happy at the same time.

Another option is to print to a .ps file and then use distiller to create a pdf. Might get around your error.

You might need to increase your margins to allow for the three pages that have the anomaly.


Thank you! Unfortunately, I am also now kicking myself for having used Word. This is his first book and our first efforts at self-publishing. At the moment, the entire Word file is screwed up (margins, headers, footers) and even after hours of phone tech support with Microsoft the problem is not solved. Since we basically have to start from ground zero with the formatting, I'd much rather do it in a better program. What program would you recommend using?


Please be aware that you can moves pages between .PDF documents in Preview. Just open the 2 (or more documents) and activate the "side Bar". Then drag/drop the pages from one document to the other. Don't forget to save when you are finished.

However, if formatting seems to be a problemyou are often best to start with a new document and "paste Special" so that the text is inserted as unformatted text". Also in the Word "styles" remove the auto-update feature so that your styles STAY AS THEY SHOULD.

You could also use Pages. This does require a little upfront getting used to but once you are comfortable it really is much more stable/reliable

Whatever your do you will probably have to recoup the footnotes, etc.. I know, tedious and time consuming.