Saveas & Attach ~ Macro Help Needed (ms Word)


I'm trying to finish a form I've created in MS Word 2004 for Mac (OSX 10.3). [As you'd expect, the idea is that a blank form is sent out by me and then, once filled in, is emailed back to me]

Apologies if I'm asking something that's been asked before; but I'm struggling to make sense of the VBA Object Browser and Help dialog.

What I want to do is add into my form a macro which saves the document under a name partially created by merging two of the form field names (bookmarks).

By way of a brief example...
Form field 1 = bookmark "name1"
Form field 2 = bookmark "name2"
Save as "Name1Name2.doc"

What I have succeeded in achieving so far, is the following macro
Sub SaveAsTrial()
ActiveDocument.SaveAs "mydoc.doc", wdFormatDocument 'save .doc format
End Sub
This macro runs (On Entry, Calculated on Exit) on the final form field in the document, and successfully saves the document as "mydoc.doc". I have no idea how to proceed...

BUT, if somebody were to help me get this bit scripted there is a second problem...

Whilst I can insert a hyperlink at the end of the form with my email address and a subject line what I need to do is attach this saved document to the same email.

Any ideas or pointers would be much appreciated