Saving a different Dock location


I hate to have the dock located bottom-center, and I'm using Docking Maneuvers to relocate it top-right ... but any time I restart my PB it goes back to the original position. This is very inconvenient. Does anybody know how to permanently SAVE a different location preference?

Franco Franchi
powerbook G3 bronze, single partition
This has been discussed many times. It is saving your Dock pinning prefs; however, the program that launches and auto-restarts the Dock tells it to pin to the center on the bottom of the screen. People are still looking for a way around this but none has been found. If you look at another of my posts you will find that Apple created an interface for the Dock preferences that would allow changing the location but it is unfinished and has not been fully implemented. The keyboard F-keys as Hotkeys is another example of this.
Thanks, Matt.

It's unfortunate that Apple disregards one of its more important competitive pluses: allowing users to personalize as THEY want their PCs. This was since the very beginning the most important factor driving me to Macintoshes. I hope I should not change my mind.

Waiting for a final solution from Apple or any brave programmer.
As I said Apple has a preference interface for setting the pinning. The problem is that, like using the F-keys as hotkeys, the pinning mechanism is unfinnished. Its beinning to look like there will be several new features in the update released this Summer when Apple starts selling Macs with OS X preinstalled.