Saving to Cd And Opening Email


Hi there,

I have Mac OSX Version 10.4.2 on my main computer and OS 9.2 on my laptop.

I want to save my emails (which are in Entourage 10.1.0) onto a CD and then open them on my laptop. Here's the problem: when I save Entourage on the CD and then open it on the laptop, the laptop just opens the messages that are on the laptop, not the messages on the disk. Even if I try to open the messages on the disk from my main computer, it doesn't open what's on the disk.

How can I save all my hundreds of messages to disk (in various folders, inbox, etc.) and then open them from somewhere else?

This problem is driving me crazy - every day I'm forwarding emails to pick them up when I travel - it's confusing and time-consuming.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!