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I'm tired of programming my cordless phone base station with a subset of names that already exist in my Address Book. I already use my Motorola v400 mobile phone with data synced to Address Book via iSync. Now it's time for another product that connects to iSync... your home phone.

Apple could market a system using bluetooth in the base station so that it does Address Book lookups for caller ID and directories. There are some cordless systems that use Bluetooth to place calls on your mobile phone using the same handset, so this would be a logical add-on.

And while we're on the topic, I want my mobile phone to connect to .Mac over the Internet for Address Book syncing whenever it needs to be updated while traveling.

And now that I think of it, let's dump the distinction between cordless phones and mobile phones. One handset device could connect to your WiFi network for Vonage calls at home and GSM or CDMA for mobile calls as needed. You could have multiple handsets all over the house, but obviously only one would be able to use your SIM card for cellular access. The others would network to it and provide the same calling functioinality as long as that handset is at home.

Of course, with this approach, you wouldn't even need VOIP phone service as all your home handsets would then use your mobile account!

One downside... family issues. If Steve has the mobile phone in the car, Wendy can't make calls at home. LOL. But hey, it would be great for us single people. Guess her SIM chip should plug into the system as well, and you could choose which SIM to use when placing a call from any handet.
That's a pretty sweet idea. Should be in the Apple discussion forum really, but it's good anyway!
Oh yeah, another thing. Put a slot on top of the cordless base station for your iPod and it doubles as an iPod dock, using it's display for dialing, caller ID, and phone number lookups. Use an iPod Photo and it could show photo caller ID.

It could sync with the Mac as usual while it's docked (a wired Firewire cord option would help) as well as record phone conversations and play music on hold.