Scanner recommendation


Can anyone recommend a scanner for OS X. Ideally it would have a high resolution and firewire but any scanner that works wish OS X would be a help.

I would guess that until Adobe photoshop and Photo deluxe become Carbonized, you're not gonna find too much scanner support. I haven't tried it, but it's probably that a lot of scanners that work under OS 9 will work under OSX, using classic. But scanners built specifically for OSX? Still alittle too early in the game is my guess.

But who am I? :p

BriMister is right... as long as there is no viab le image editor to aquire your photos, no scanner com. will release any drivers. However, I have use a billion scanners or so and am really impressed with the Epson Perfection line (even the low models are great). Epson printers seem to be one of the first out of the gate on OSX drivers, so their scanners may be too.