scheduled backup without iCal


A while back, I set up an Automator workflow to copy a bunch of files and folders from one place on my internal HD to another. Saved this as an iCal plugin so that I could run it everyday at 3 am. I would like to continue this workflow, but without iCal, as this creates a calendar that gets synced to all my devices. I am stumbling around a bit, but have come across Cronnix. I am unsure of this program, and a little nervous to be messing with words like crontab and Terminal, but I THINK I can save that same Automator workflow as an application, then just drag and drop it into Cronnix, then set up the time I want it to run. I am experimenting with this, but if anyone out there sees any flaw in what I am doing, or has any feedback or warnings or anything at all, I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance!