Screen Goes Black When Adjusted


I have an ibook which I bought refurbished. It's not in warranty now, but the screen goes black when it's adjusted (but the computer is still obviously working normally, it's just that you can't see the screen), and sometimes it is problematic to see the screen afterwards when restarting. Usually, restarting the comp when it goes black cures the problem, as long as the screen position isn't moved again.

Oddly enough, I inquired at a repair store about this and they said it's normal, which after using my friend's iBook, I don't believe!

What is causing this and it is easily fixed??

I also had this problem, and apparently it is a very common issue with that particular generation of iBooks. The repair store were able to get the replacement part in for me, and when I then dropped the iBook in they had it repaired for me that same afternoon. Mine was out of warranty, but the repair was still very cheap.