Screen messing up


The computer:

The problem:
Sometimes on startup, the screen won't show at all, the Mac itself dosen't seem to notice. It runs on as normal, just that I can't see what it's all.
Some times, the screen turns green and seems to fade to the left(Like the corners just decide to move 2 inches to the left).
This only happens some times

The reason:
This may be from installing OS X, but as I've had the problem before the OS itself loads, and it's come in OS 9 also, I doubt it.
MAY have something to do with me kicking it(it won't happen again) right between the screen and the microphone.

How can I cure my iMac of this illness?
This isn't going to narrow the problem down much, but it's either your video card or your monitor. More likely to be the monitor tube going bad .. there is no real good 'fix' for it. Hopefully your iMac is still under warranty (don't mention the kicking incident if you call Apple) and you can get it fixed for free or real cheap.

If not, just about all you can do is take it in to an authorized repair service and see what they say. Good luck. :confused:
hey my imac has been doing that exact same thing recently. Most of the time I can just restart it and it goes back to normal. And I have never kicked it either, heh. It's a couple years old, but I'd hope the tube wouldn't be going bad this soon.