Screen out all unwanted WiFi networks


My brother is asking me... it sounds like on Windows (and I've found web pages that appear to confirm this) you can do set options via the command line to show only the WiFi networks that you want. He isn't talking about the "Auto Join" option. He doesn't want to see them listed in the drop down list of WiFi networks. This is an iMac so it probably rarely if ever gets moved. He just wants to remove all the WiFi networks that his neighbors have from his drop down list.

Does MacOS have such an option?

Thank you in advance...
It does look overwhelming to see all those 'available' WiFi connections of your neighbors. (Some of the names they created can give you a laugh).

You can remove networks from the list, but I don't know how long they stay removed. And if a new neighbor moves in, or someone gets a new provider, you will have to go back and remove them.

Go to System Preferences>Network. Click on the Advance button at the lower right. In the new window that comes down, select the WiFi tab.
Now you will see all the available networks. Just click on one, then click on the minus button. Do this for all the network listings that you don't want to see. Just be careful so you don't remove your own.
Thanks. He seems to already know about that and, as you say, I think sometimes they come back. I'm not sure how that works exactly. I'll forward on your help but, as I said, I think he already knew about that process.

As far as funny... yea, I've some across some that gave me a chuckle or two.

I thought maybe there was something that could be done with Locations but I'm currently in a remote area and have no way to really test that idea out.

Thank you again.
There use to be a program that you can monitor the WiFi network and block all unwanted networks, BUT that was a windows only thing. Their Mac version was lame. I don't remember the name as it was close to 20 years ago.