Screen resolution


Dear friends,

I own a PB G3 2000 series and i perform an installation of MacOSX Beta. Now after browsing around and tried to get familiar to that new environment I am trying to tune up my mac. My screen looks like blur I went to monitor settings and the only thing I can change is the resolution right now i am in 1024x768 with a millions re but o mhz refresh rate and I am not able to change the refresh rate, the desktop picture i have tried to install looks like blur or stretched, any idea what to do?
Also somebody know how to get ride of the default desktop picture (quantum foam like) and replace it by a plain color background. I have tried by desktop picture but the only things i got is to put a picture??

thanks giro
An LCD screen doesnt have a refresh rate like a CRT, so 0mhz is normal. The desktop pic might be blurred & stretched if it has to be scaled to fit the size of your screen. If you want a flat color background, just make one in photoshop (or whatever), save it as TIFF or JPEG and set that as your desktop picture. If the image is under a certain size it\\\'ll be tiled to fill the screen. There\\\'s no option to set a pattern like in classic.

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