Screen Saver prob. in sys prefs


4down Productions
Ok when i go into system prefs and try and click on screensavers there is no list of them and it crashes system prefs... after i idle for 20 mins the screensaver tries to start i just get a black screen and it crashes the whole system. I am getting very tired of restarting every time i have a phone call or make a break for the fridge...please help if you can....thanks
yes i did so i deleted pretty much all of them except for the ones i know work fine...still crashes i think it might have to do with the custom slide show screen saver not working correctly. sometimes it will come on but be of pictures i have never seen....
The first post said you just get a black screen and a crash. The last post says you sometimes get the custom slide show screensaver.:confused:

Anyway, move (don't delete if you want to use them later once you find the offending screensaver(s)) all extra screensavers from their directory/directories. You also want to make sure that you do this both for the screensaver dir in your user dir and in the system dir. Maybe you added those troublesome screensavers to both places???

Restart and try to open the screensavers pane in sys prefs after that. If you can then use your prefs pane, you know what the problem was. If it still doesn't work, post again with the results...