Screen Shifting

Anyone else have this problem.. I haven't seen it covered or has it?

Anyway, My 733 is on always and I often turn the screen off when I'm going to be away for a while even though the screen saver and energy pref pane is all set up to activate screensaver after 5mins, and black screen after 10mins, and sys sleep after 50 minutes or so (I can't remember exactly).

So far it seems to happen only when I use the apple screensavers that rotate through pics every so often, but when I come back after a while, the screen has a blank, approx. 1.5 inch, space on the right side of the monitor (it's one of the blue original 15in. FlatPanels). You still have to move the mouse all the way to the right to get my dock to pop out (I have it on the right of screen) and the mouse moves over that area, but no background and no windows can be moved over there. It is like it's there but it isn't. And, nothing is pushed off the left side of the screen. The monitor controls (left/right/up/down/wide/tall) can move the existing screen but cannot get rid of this 1.5 inch missing area.

I will be doing more in-depth investigation to check it with other screensavers, etc... but I just wanted to know if anyone else had had this experience. If you have, have you been able to rectify it?