Screen shot again.

Try "docking maneuvers"
It's software available at
It allows you to switch the orientaion of you dock.
Think you would enjoy it....
It's easy to move the Dock. DockingManeuvers is a nice frontend, but you can do it yourself and learn a bit about the Dock's inner workings at the same time.

<li>Open <tt>/System/Library/CoreServices/</tt> in any text editor. This is an XML document that controls how the Dock's menus behave.</li>
<li>Look for the string "1013" near the beginning of the file. Near there, replace <tt>&lt;key&gt;command&lt;/key&gt;</tt> with <tt>&lt;key&gt;menu&lt;/key&gt;</tt>.</li>
<li>Next, find a block containing the string "1014" near the middle of the file and do the same thing again, replacing "command" with "menu".</li>
<li>Save <tt>DockMenus.plist</tt>. You're done!</li>
Right click near the seperator bar on the dock and a popup menu will appear. You can now choose where to orient and pin the dock. Unfortunately, Dock position settings do not stick after you log out and log in again. Please go yell at Apple until they fix it ;-)
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