Screen Shots Needed


Hi guys, can someone get back to me thru email who is willing to do some screenshots for me...
I do Internet Technical Support, and I don't have access to OS X myself, but, I need screen shots of Dialup setup and Ethernet Setup.

I really hope that someone can help me..

Looking forward to a response from someone...


I just need an address, and then you can give me a full list of what you need and the formats you would like them in. Always happy to take shots of Mac OS X :D !'s what I need for a dialup walk thru.....
as for my ethernet walk thru....just need shots of how you would set it up for ADSL that uses DHCP.

1. Click the System Preferences in the Dock.
2. In the System Preferences window, click Network.
3. Click the Configure menu, then click Modem.
4. Click the TCP/IP tab. Click the Configure menu, and then click Using PPP.
5. Click Save at the bottom of window, and then click the PPP tab.
6. Type the userid and password in their appropriate boxes. Type the local
dial-up access number in the Telephone Number box. In the Service Provider
box, type
7. Check the Save Password box.
8. Click the PPP Options button.
**9. Check Connect Automatically when starting TCP/IP applications, and it
will automatically connect to Telus whenever an Internet application is opened.
**10. Check Disconnect when user logs out, and the user will be
disconnected from the Internet when logging out of OS X.
11. Click OK to close the Options window, then click the Save button at the
bottom of the System Preferences window. Then click the Modem tab.
12. Make sure that the correct modem is selected in the Modem menu.
13. Click Save, and then quit System Prefereces.
14. Open a new finder window, and then click Applications.
15. Double-Click the Internet Connect icon in the Applications folder.
16. In the Configure menu, ensure that modem is selected.
17. Ensure that the modem is physically connected to the phone line, then
click Connect to connect to the service
18. To Disconnect from, click Disconnect in the Internet Connect