screensaver crash - anyone else?


I've seen posts about a crashing OS X on this forum before - but no real solutions. Before sending my complaint to Apple, here's my version of how to crash OS X - comments welcome!

I used to have no problems until I upgraded to 10.1. Since then, my TiBook 400 (384MB RAM, 20GB IBM HD) crashed three times when the screensaver was running (I use "forest"). It simply hung (i.e. the screen saver had stopped moving) and the hard-disk wasn't spinning. It didn't react to anything short of a forced restart.
Maybe it's got to do with my energy saver and sleep screen saver settings - they're a bit weird and rather random, but nothing that should cause the problems, I guess: Activation of the screen saver is set to 10 minutes and the hard-disk should start sleeping only after 1 hour. The system as a whole should "never" sleep and the display should sleep after 20 minutes. I could easily change these, of course, if it solved the problem...

Thanx for your suggestions,