script to automate installs


Hello, I am attempting to find/write a script to handle the automation of software installs. This would be used on many macs in a business environment. As a example I'll use VMware Fusion. By default VMware 2.0 is installed on all out macs, I need to upgrade it to version 3. right now I am using a bash script to open the uninstaller, copy the new serial to the clipboard then running the 3.0 installer. This requires a lot of user interaction (mouse clicks, installer navigation, etc...). Is there a way of using applescript to automate the removal and install and minimize user interaction? I've been searching google for the past few hours with no luck. Because it's such a repetitive and predictable action, I'd settle for scripting each event:
tell installer click OK
tell installer click Agree
tell installer click continue

Thank you!


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Automator has (added in 10.5, I believe) the ability to record your kepresses and mouse clicks. I tried it early on and it didn't work very well. But maybe it will work for you. You'll see the red circular record button on top of the window.


That's a great idea. I had tried to record my actions using the record feature in apple script. Which failed..... it didn't occur to me that Automator had a similar feature. I'll give it a try. Thank you!