Script to read contents of attachments from Mail and add to Numbers


Hi All,
Please apologize for asking a naive question here. I'm relatively new to Macs and I was gone crazy after seeing Automator and its capabilities. I just thought to ask if the following could be implemented.

Here is what I need to do:

I have subscribed myself for the NAV (Net Asset values) of my Mutual Funds on a daily basis to my gmail account which I configured in Mail. I am getting mails every day with the current day's NAV in Mail as an HTML attachment.

When I open/Quick look my attachment I see a HTML Table with all the necessary details about all of my Mutual Funds.

I thought of tracking this details in a Numbers sheet and draw a chart basing the values that I fetch from Mail on a daily basis. I have attached a sample screenshot of the Numbers sheet that I am doing manually everyday.

Can this be automated using Automator Scripts or any other scripts in Mac? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you need more details/screen shots & how you need it, so that I can give the same.