Scrolling speed in 10.1


Senior Lurker
How is scrolling speed for the rest of you in 10.1? Scrolling speed in web browsers for me is TERRIBLE - I get 1-2fps MAX when dragging the scroll bars around, in a relatively un-populated web page at 1024x768.

BTW, scrolling speed is approx. the same for me in IE 5.1, Netscape 6.1, Opera, and iCab.

It may have something to do with the fact that I'm running an unsupported, G3/400-upgraded 7300 (beyond the fact that it's innately slower than a dual-733). Does anyone know if the 7300's video card ends up being unaccellerated in OS X?

May be due to the bus speed of the 7300's motherboard. I remember reading that the reason that the older machines weren't supported for OSX was due to the older innards and the processor upgrades couldn't change the architecture of the older machines. My iBook 2001 scrolls just fine in OSX. It is great to see that you were able to make your older mac work with OSX.