SCSI cards


I have a MP G4 with an Ultra160 scsi card that comes as part of Apple's BTO option. I found that although the installer would launch, the process would fail halfway through. I eventually realized that the card was my problem and by unplugging the card I could install OS X on an old IDE drive I had laying around. Only problem is, Mac OS X doesn't recognize my SCSI drive at all and ideally I would like to install X on that drive. Has anyone else had similar problems? Has anyone had success installing on a SCSI drive in the new MP G4s?

N.B. the card name (in Apple System Profiler) is: ATTO,ExpressPCIProUL3

I know Apple is offering an updated firmware or driver for that SCSI card. Sorry, dont know the URL but you can get it from the Apple site.
that's for beige G3s, this is a different problem altogether and I am curious as to whether anyone else has has similar problems with the new G4s
Sounds like it will just be one of those situations where you have to wait till ATTO offers their update for the firmware. Probably just have to run your succesfull setup intil the update or the release of OSX 1.0.