SCSI CD burning?? ever?


Can anyone point me to anything official showing that any SCSI CDRs are supported, or a statement that SCSI is not supported?

I have a SCSI CDRW connected via an unsupported Orange-Micro Grapper card... no reason to wait for those drivers if Apple isn't going to support SCSI CDRW (which is the gist of what I've seen suggested).

Be a #$^# shame to have to ditch a perfectly good drive and spend $200 for a Firewire CDR.

I am in the same situation.

Orange micro told me that driver will be done by XMAS, I have not heard anything definite from apple.
I am in the same boat, I have a 2906 scsi card which 10.1 picked up and I have a SCSI burner which is recognised by 10.1... but I cant burn. None of the CDR programs detect the burner.

I looked around and found nothing much on the internet, then when reading the readme file for Toast 5.1p2 I found this piece of good news.

SCSI CD recorders are currently not supported by Apple’s kernel level CD-R component.

SOOO it looks like I still cant burn a cd on the most advanced operating system available. But I can on my Windows pc, which does me no good because I brought the burner so it would work on my mac.

Do those ORANGE Scsi to FW converters work or not?
I installed 10.1 yesterday (not enough time to do a complete reinstall so I did it over 10.0.4). I'm amazed by the increased speed.
Now i'm willing to adopt it full time... what keeps me from it is the lack of support for my SCSI Teac CDR and my Agfa Snapscan 310 (no hope for him though), it's stupid.
Not to slam Orange, but their drivers have constantly been due by the end of "next" quarter... funny thing is the "next" keeps changing every time it draws near.

Even so, it looks like it may not matter if Apple doesn't incorporate support and Toast isn't writing their own drivers :-(

Whats everyones thoughts on the firewire burners, any particular brand which is better than others?? Do they all work with X.1