SCSI CDRW ever w/OS X, or buy new USB/Firewire?


I'm staring at my Orange Micro Grappler/SCSI+ and Yahama (some old model) SCSI CDRW and wondering, will I ever be able to use these with OS X?

First there are no drivers for the Orange Micro card yet, but they do seem to be working on them... but even if so, I've seen suggestion that SCSI is not supported for CD burning under OS X, or it is just under iTunes, or did I see a suggestion that since iTunes didn't support it, and Toast relies on Apple drivers(?) then Toast would not support it either?

Of course my B&W G3 doesn't have a spare internal CD bay :-( and I have a brick of a DVD player that I could swap out, but having 2 CD players is nice for straight copies, so....I'm trying to evaluate my options....

USB drives seem to be ~$150+.

Dagnabit if I can pull up my models specs on the Apple website, but I might have Firewire ports as well (grin), but never thought about using them before.

Firewire drives are slighty more $$, but seem to have much higher burn rates...

Just seems a shame that I could get an IDE CDRW for $60-$80, but I'll spend twice that to get an external... or gee it would be FREE if my existing stuff ever worked...

Any suggestions? This whole peripheral business is one of the most frustrating for me with OS X. I do unix by day, so that is nice and familiar, but darned if any of my periphs work, and ever worse I have no good feeling about what would work.

Toast had to make its own drivers, and supported CD burning in X before Apple (maybe unofficially, but it worked). I would not be surprised if at least for some drives toast does things its own way
if you get a new anything, make it firewire. the speed and fluid operation of firewire in osx is one of its great beauties:)