Search for files


I saw that in the 4k73 build its not possible to search for the files in the unix system from sherlock. In the older builds there where possible to search for all files on the disk.
And i cant get the locate or whereis command to work.
Does anyone now how to search for systemfiles from finder or the promt?
There is a find command, although I have only used it only once on a sun machine LOL.
ook it up in the man pages ;-)

go to the terminal and do man find

If you've never left your OS X box running for a week or so, the locate and whatis commands will not work. There's a cron job that updates them, but it runs weekly (if I recall correctly). To force the databases to be instantly created, do the following (don't type the stuff in the {}; those are my comments):

su root
cd /usr/libexec
./makewhatis {-- takes a few seconds to run --}
./locate.updatedb {-- takes up to a few minutes to run --}

Locate is very quick and efficient; whatis will tell you more about WHAT the command is rather than WHERE it is. Find will also do the trick, but the syntax can be a bit more complicated.