Search in Mail broken


I installed (upgraded) to Tiger Sunday morning. I'm running the server version but I don't think thats the problem.

I can't find anything in mail. If I search for things I know are in mail, it does not find them.

Also, when I upgraded my laptop, it took a while before the spotlight changed and said it was ready to be used (which seems normal). When I upgraded my server, that wasn't the case. Spotlight said it was ready to use immediately after I upgraded.

So, I'm wondering if I need to wipe out the spotlight thing and start back over. Somehow, it thinks everything has been indexed but actually nothing has.

I don't know how to do that.

Any other ideas are welcome as well.
Updateing the system to 10.4.2 should do miracles on Server's spotlight actually finding stuff.
Hm. I'm not on Mac OS X Server, but my's Spotlight (10.4.2) currently doesn't find anything in the content, either. I can find by sender, recipient and subject field - but not by content (just doesn't find anything, like the database is empty...). What can I do? Can I force Spotlight to reindex just the mails? Or how do I force Spotlight to reindex all?
Go to Spotlight preferences, then 'Privacy' and add the hard disk as one of the areas to not use Spotlight. Then put it back, and it will re-index.
I'm on 10.4.2. I tried Convert's suggestion. I tried it as myself (my non-admin user) and as the admin user. When I go to the Privacy panel it is empty. When I try to add things they just don't add. I tried it via drag and drop and also by clicking the plus sign.

I have the same symptom as Fryke. I can search by Subject, To, From. but not by content.
I found on another web site to try:

mdutil -E /
mdutil -i on /

I just did that and I'll come back later today to see if anything has changed. (You have to do this as root). To get to be root, I do:

sudo bash

Also, if you do:

mdutil -s /

it will tell you if your drive is indexed or not. In my caes it was not. On the other web site, the problem seems to be with each reboot, it gets turned off again but that was before 10.4.2. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
This seems to be working for me. spotlight via the menu bar as well as inside Mail is working for me.