second HD doesn't show (BeigeG3), modem doesn't work


A few days ago I was finally able to install Mac OS 10.00 on a Beige G3. I had to jumper the CD to Master for this to work.

I have two Internal IDE Hard Disks, as follows:

10 Gb Quantum IDE - set to Master
Internal ATA 1 - ID=0, 7 Gb HFS+ partition (OS X)
3 Gb HFS+ partition (OS 9.1)

4 Gb HD (original Quantum) - also Master
Internal ATA 0 - ID=0, 4 Gb HFS+ 1 partition (OS 8.6)

CD-ROM - set to Slave, also on Internal ATA0, ID=1

Here's the problem.
I can boot from the smaller drive with OS8.6 on it, and I can see both drives. Also, I can boot from OS9.1 and see the drive with 8.6. However; booting the OS X partition will not show the other drive with OS8.6 on it. In fact, OS X wants to initialize that drive when it comes up (but it is HFS+, so it should work).

Any suggestions???

Btw, I wanted to upgrade to 10.0.2; however, unfortunately my external modem doesn't work when attempting to dial to the Internet (it doesn't even try to dial). This is strange, since the registration with Apple went smoothly with my modem. The modem works great from OS9.1 and 8.6 (another note, floppy disks, HFS+ ZIP drives, and CDs don't come up either under OS X, but I read there is a fix for that).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

- Steve

Hardware Config:
Desktop Beige G3 Rev C, 400 MHz (originally 266 MHz)
512 Mb RAM
Asante 10/100 BaseT PCI card
Orange Micro dual USB/Firewire PCI card
Global Village 56K modem (hooked up to serial port)
Epson Stylus Color 850 (printer port - not working either)