Second User Account For Security



I’m making a new, second user account on my mac that i plan to use for banking and sensitive personal information. I have alot of applications on my main account and i’m not entirely sure that i trust them all, so it seems like a good idea to use a different account that doesn’t have so many applications installed.

First off, i’m wondering- Is this a good idea/practice? Or could applications installed on the main user account still affect the second user account?

Secondly, I just tried creating a new user account but it had all of the same applications installed as my main user account ( and they just weren’t logged in). When i tried deleting an app from the new user account, it also deleted the app from the main user account.

My applications are currently in Daniels Imac> Macintosh HD > Applications. I’m guessing that this means that all of my applications are in a all-user folder now, is that correct? If so, is there any easy and safe way to move the applications to a specific user folder? Is it just a simple as moving the app to the applications folder in my main user account in the finder?

Or is there a better way to do this?

Thanks, Dan


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
All created users get access to the apps in the Applications folder. When you install an app - you get the choice (in most cases) of installing it for you the user only or for all users. You can lead the installer to a specific location when it asks what location you want it installed in(User/Home>Applications verses HD>Applications).

You do want some apps available to all users like an anti virus. One install covers the entire machine. Each user can select which apps to start up at log in, and the rest sits quiet until the user launches it.

Depending on the app will depend on if you can drag and drop the app to the folder you want it in. If you want a specific app for one user only, delete or uninstall from the main App folder (if there), then log into your specific user and install for that user only in the Home>Applications folder.

Now if you have apps that you do not trust - are they absolutely needed?