Secrets of the Mac OS X 10.1 Update CD


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All Apple did was add a file into an Installer package that checks for an earlier version of Mac OS X. Sure enough, when I removed it from an Update image I made, it became a Full Install.

I'm not posting what file or where for fear that Apple may not like it.

10.1 ROCKS! This is my first time using it. Login, Speed, Classic, everything is better.
can i send you email to list the file i think it is and hten you can confirm this?
i can't get my computer to boot from the x.0 or the x.1 disk so i may not make any difference.

but i thought i woiuld try this out.
come on, guys... sya the name of the archive... or it's location... At least, give me a hint... please... Maybe it's called info.nib...? It makes reference to something callled 5G40... I think it was the 10.0.4 build...? The problem is that there is one of that archives for each languaje...
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I won't be able to check my eMail untill tomorrow. Here is the path to the file:

<<File Path Removed>>
Sorry to anyone who I told via eMail to check here. Send me another message.
As far as I know, reverse engineering is protected by both US and Canadian constitutions.

That's what you are doing - figuring out how a product you have bought works, in order to make the best use of it = reverse engineering.

Of course, the DMCA, unconstitutional as it is, seems to be law in the States, at least until someone manages to get it overturned, and that effectively bans reverse engineering, so there you are...
I apologize to anyone who has sent me an eMail. I can't respond for most of this week.

Sorry again:(
rhale said: "'All Apple did was add a file into an Installer package that CHECKFOR<missing>OSX. Sure enough, when I removed it from an Update image I made, it became a Full Install.'"

thats about all the help i can give without getting sued.,
How can I made the bootable image, i failed to boot from the CD I had made from toast, and the image is made from Disk Copy. please advise

•disk copy
•burn image
•Apple's financial well being
•Micro$oft schemes

To burn a disk image, open disk copy, make a disk image of the CD, and select "burn image" under the Image menu. When making the disk image, choose a read/write enabled image so you can modify it if you want. This should make a bootable CD if the original was bootable. Note: Disk copy in OS X is so cool! I love how you can burn a disk image from within disk copy. It's little details like these that make the Mac OS so superior to anything else. Sure maybe windows could do this, but only after you jumped through a few hoops guarded by numerous "wizards" that try to second guess what you want to do and do it all for you. OS X simply empowers the user to do what they want, like a good tool.

I tried modifying the OS X update disc, but I haven't tested it yet. Since I already purchased and installed OS X, v10.0.x, it was merely for the sake of curiosity that I meddled with the 10.1 update disk. I removed the file from an essential package that confirms OS X is on the HD before installing the update. I have no idea what the results of this modification are, but if I ever need to wipe X off its partition and reinstall I guess I'll find out!

Please remember that Apple needs all the support for OS X they can get. Every sale of OS X is lifeblood for Apple, and using their software without paying for it is only biting the hand that feeds you. I want Apple to stick around and do well financially so that they continue to provide an superior alternative to Microsoft. If we want an alternative to MS and their verification schemes to XP, then we need to show Apple that they don't need to resort to such draconian copy protection measures.

Thanx Guys...It works like a charm.

Note to aqualung:

Your details put me on the right path...and you can rest easy...I burned the CD and tested it on a storage partition that had no OS's. I didn't bother to clean up the had ~5GB data on it...I just ran the newly modified installer and had zero problems. I booted from it and am using it now.

I agree with your comments about supporting Apple...I had purchased the original OS 10.0 CD...and then paid for the OS 10.1 upgrade my conscience is clear. But it will sure be a lot simpler for future installations...just running the one CD.

Aside from that, I had used Toast so long that I was more comfortable trying it...but I never did get a bootable CD until I followed your procedure and let Disk Copy and OSX take care of the burning operation. I'm feeling better about OSX with each new experience.:D

Excellent! I'm hoping the same thing, that when I need to reinstall on my system or on a new HD, I'll be able to skip installing 10.0 and just install 10.1 in one straight shot.

And yes, the more I use OS X, the more I dig it! If performance of the finder and (I presume) Quartz/window manager was better, I'd be a full-time OS X junkie.
Please do not ask for this file anymore. Requests will be ignored, per Apple's request (not to me, but to others who released this publicly).

Thank You
The file name is: VB772gA1Nmcdw

This post removed due to the request of Apple Computer, Inc. Please have a nice day.

(By the way, that's an encrypted word...good luck :))