secure ftp access


I turned on the ftp server. Then, my friend log on to my machine as an anonymous user. So far so good. But soon we realize that he could view and read most of my hard drive. I could download my files and on and on. Of course he couldn't write everywhere but still, it's seems to be pretty unsecure.

I couldn't find an easy way to limit the access to my machine through ftp to only one single folder per example. I do not want poeple to be able to search my hard drive when they connect as anonymous.

does anyone could help me on this one?

That's weird. Anonymous access should be denied (and is on my system) until a user named ftp is created. Then it would be limited to that user's home directory.
Thank a lot.
Creating a ftp user let me log as anonymous. Great.
It's seems to redifine /Users/ftp as the new root. Great.
If you enter the path, you can access to your directories found in ~/ftp/. Great.
But it also hide every single other files. So, nothing can be listed. Is there a way to make some files and/or directories "visible".
You can put an alias to them in /Users/ftp/, or perhaps it will have to be a symlink. But try an alias first.
OK, I just checked, and it has to be a symlink (*sigh*). Hopefully that's another thing Apple will fix until Final.
Symlinks are made with the terminal:

cd /Users/ftp
ln -s <path to file/folder to link to>
(for example /Users/Public/)

You will have to have write access in /Users/ftp/ naturally. Actually you should probably change the owner and permissions of that directory, since otherwise anonymous ftp users will be able to write there. To do that:
Login as root.
select the /Users/ftp directory.
Open the inspector (Command-I).
Choose sharing from the menu.
Type a new user as the owner (your normal user perhaps) and/or change the permissions.
Press the copy to subdirs button.