Security and ftp server


Here's what I want to do:

ssh to my machine
cp files to ~ftp/pub
launch ftpd
connect with transmit and get my files rapidly (scp is slow)
kill ftpd
exit my ssh session

I have security concerns with having ftp enabled all the time. I have set up an ftp user via multiple users and have created the directories (usr, etc, pub) with the apropriate permissions as the man page for ftpd indicates but I stopped at having to set up the ftp.db password this necessary for a secure ftp server (rarely running with an occasional anon user)?

Also, are there any major security issues with having apache running all the time?

I have already set up my firewall with brickhouse ( to allow incomming ftp, I am assuming that this is not a security issue as long as the ftp server is not running 99% of the time.

Cheers and thanks in advance for useful comments