Security Sofware Update 10.1 Added Stuff

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After the Software Update installed the 10.1 security update I noticed that inside the Utilities folder was a weird series of subfolders and files. Does anyone know what this stuff is, and whether it can be deleted or moved to another folder (I actually have a folder called "X Utilities" which I use for ALL X utilities (hence the name); thus, I deleted the regular "Utilities" folder (after moving all utilities, of course). The 'Utilities' folder reappeared in the Applications folder after the Update installed, with the aforementioned subfolders, etc. now inside the folder -- but no noticeable application or utility is in there).

Utilities/Installer/Contents/Resources/TargetSelect.bundle/Contents/MacOS, etc... (and there are a few files in some of these folders). What is this stuff???
Did you really need to post this twice? People like us DO browse most of the threads, so if you post, you're likely to get an answer.

Like we said in the other post, it's because you moved your Utilities folder, and when Software Update runs, it expects the Utilities folder to be in the same place as it was when you first installed OS X. You could just put them in the appropriate Utility by showing the package contents (use the contextual menu on the Installer utility).
thanks for the reply...

the only reason why it was posted in two different places is because the other thread was originally a different topic and I realized that the better place was a new thread -- plus, I needed to figure out how to fix the problem before I did my weekend back-up (which takes several hours) -- it was holding up the task.

In any event, thanks.
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