Security Update 2005-006


Has anybody had any system troubles after installing the latest update?

Could just be a coincidence... but after doing so.. my mac won't recognize my external HD or any media inserted into the drive... so too late for Disk Warrior... i'm running 10.3.9

I'll most likely have to do a clean install i guess.. I was just curious if anyone else had any issues recently..
Hi opus,

I'm afraid this won't help but I've done the update this morning, run repair permissions and no noticeable problems my ext hd is recognised and works just fine. Other media works fine too.

Did you do the update through Software update as I see in Apple website there is a security update for Tiger (with same name as the one for 10.3.9), maybe you installed the wrong one ?
thanks for your concern Gig...

i updated through software update... so i'm guessing that Panther wouldn't seek out the Tiger update...

it was probably a coincidence... was an extremely tiresome ordeal... but i had to re-install everything.

the kicker is that Panther for lack of a better term 'sucks' for install.

I zeroed out the drive... tried to install Panther fresh.. but it wouldn't let me.. it was requiring a previous version of osX to be present on the drive (on a now-blank as blank drive).. so it wouldn't let me do anything..

Now i was stuck with a Panther cd (currently booted from) and a blank HD... In open firmware, i either couldn't remeber the eject cd command or it wouldn't work.

I attached my external drive, which has an old corrupted version of OS9 on it.. and luckily it was enough to get recognized and offer me a chance to eject the cd...

After all of that I was able to fresh install Jaguar... but my external HD would no longer mount... so off to Disk Warrior (which won't work with Panther)... and i was able to correct..

Was going to stay with Jaguar... but my internet WIFI was set-up with Panther.. and for some reason I couldn't get access... so a non-updated Jaguar wasn't an option... was able to clean install Panther now that Jag was there... and finally things started to come together...

All of this aggravation and I've been planning a new iMac within a month... so I'll have to do it all over again before I sell the computer.