Seeking driver (10.3.9) for Dell J740 inkjet printer


Hello fellow Mac-freaks.

I bought myself a Dell J740 inkjet printer -on sale and out of curiossity :confused: - hoping I would get it to work 'just like that'...! It's been a week and I haven't found a solution (Gimp-CUPs stuff didn't work....) for it to get to work properly on my iMac (10.3.9).

Does anyone have a solution for this?
I know it has been made by Lexmark and it should be comparable to the Lexmark z705 (z600-700 series).

Will I be printing soon?


:-( tried that but it still won't work. At least not with the driver I found on

any other suggestions?

Thanx anyway MisterMe
i'm stuck in the same position. however, when i download the lexmark driver and attempt to install it, the installer asks for me to choose the printer i want to use, and then click select. No printers show up to be selected! So then nothing is installed!