select a destination options - disabled?!


  • os x install`

  • can't proceed with the os x install

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i have Imac.

I installed 9.1 first. (no problem)

then OSX.

While installing OSX, Select A Destination box comes up on screen.
There are two options:
1. untitled 28GB
2. Mac OSX install CD 564 MB.

Well, i can not even select #1 option (26gb) so i can not proceed with the installation..can uhelp? thanks..
what to do?
Have you tried the keyboard pad direction keys? Sometimes this works. Also check your memory out, I could not install the X.04 Upgrade and I couldn't figure out why. I had a combination of PC100 & PC133 memory. It upgraded fine with the PC100 removed or the PC133 removed. This problem hasn't been documented anywhere I know of.
I tried your suggestion, but to no avail.

I just bought the hard drive, installed it.
Installed 9.1 with no problem.

But Os X is not detecting the HD so I cannot proceed with the installation.

Do you have any other ideas? This is really annoying. OSX should should be compatible with an Imac.
Thanks in advance.

-Imac user
You have to install MAC OS X at a partition smaller than 8 GB. This one will appear a possible destination drive.

At least in my case (old imac)this worked.