Selecting Printer In Classic


Why doesn't the chooser "see" my Epson CX4600 printer. The printer graphic shows up in available printers pane but does not register in the selection pane. I have reloaded The printer software (in Classic) several times but no dice. It is fine in OSX


Hi budgie

check this seems to be the answer from epson FAQ related to your printer

Selected FAQ

I installed the driver in Mac OS 9.x (9.1 or later), but it isn’t showing up in the Chooser. What should I do?
Make sure the QuickDraw GX extension and any other unnecessary extensions are disabled, and make sure the CX4600 and EPSON Monitor IV extensions are enabled. Then restart your Macintosh.


The original drivers that came with this printer (AIO) for OS 9 don't work in Classic. Epson's response at the time was that that's because Classic is just an emulator. The same thing happened with my Epson R200. The good news for me was that the next revision of the driver for the R200 DOES work in Classic. I'd look for newer drivers from Epson.
In addition, I found the way Epson distributed the drivers to be weird. They had four different downloads, and it turns out that two are required for Classic and two for OS X.

Good luck.


Latest update: I downloaded the current Epson drivers but still no dice; any further suggestions would be much appreciated.