Sendmail and cgi scripts


Hello all,

I have written a basic perl script (it conjuction with a simple .html form file) with a sendmail routine just to see if I can get sendmail to work.

Also I must mention how I have setup my apache server (since my knowledge is limited of apache and unix please suggest a better method :: if you have one)

1)OK to get the server to work :: I went into System Preferences:Network and turned on the web server.

2)I created a cgi-bin in my Documents directory where all of the html files exist for the site

3)I then placed my perl scripts in the CGI-Executables folder

4) I set the follow permissions on all of the mentioned folders chmod +x and chmod o+w

5) From there I was able to refrence my perl scripts from the cgi-bin and I have been able to run them

Is this a really bad way to setup the server for cgi access? If so can anyone explain a better way? What I really want to do right know is to create a simple cgi scripting testing environment :: I don't need to have great security or what have you.

As for my sendmail here is what happens when I submit my html sendmail form.

Can't create transcript file ./xfeALGpde00256: Permission denied

I have checked the mail.log and its states under status of the mail message "Deferred"

I have modified the hostconfig and turned on the mailserver option. I went to I found the permissions that I needed to set the for the mail directories.

I used chmod go-w and chown root for the mail specific directories.

the ./xfeALGpde00256: code :: doesn't this reside in the /var/spool/mqueue directory?

What does the mqueue directory do?

If anyone has some suggestions on any of this then please let me know.