sendmail -- does it work?


I have gone into /etc/hostconfig and changed the setting to MAILSERVER=-YES- restarted the machine, and I have changed the preferences in the to sendmail. I have even tried starting sendmail manually -- and it tells me that mail services are starting up.

I have only gotten it to send mail to my account but not to my other accounts. One is Exchange and the other is POP. It pretends to send it to those other accounts, but it never shows up. I also have a cgi script that sends e-mail... that appears to only send to

Any ideas on how to get this to work?

Thank you

Take a look (from the Terminal) at
You should be able to see
from that whether the mail servers
you're trying to send to are
rejecting your posts or whatever...

Sendmail can be very picky about

having a fully-qualified domain
name, among other things.
Sendmail is a MTA or Mail Transport Application. It general acts in the background transparent to the user(s) and you use a popper (eg qpopper by qualcomm) to interface and drop the mail into the spools (user accounts).

Sendmail does not work by itself for sending mail. If you really want to try and get it working, get a popper, read up on sendmail at

It does work wonderfully but people have to remember that it was not meant to be an email interface client. It was meant to encode and transport the email from gateway to gateway.

I suggest you use your dialup (or cable or dsl or whatever) mailserver as your incoming/outgoing mail server setting. If you're wanting to use your own domain, thats a whole seperate ball park of worms that you can read up on at sendmail's site


happy tweakin!
Could it be that the mail is getting rejected by the other mail accounts? To check if you are getting bounce messages type "mail" at the terminal - a primitive mail client, but it works...
You must go under Mail,Preferences and select your
ORIGINAL account that your service gave you (except for aol)
copy it, and paste it on your new account.
Don't pay attention yo or etc.
and click ok.