Sendmail & Encrypted Emails?


Ok.. so I am pretty concerned over all the "email tapping" laws being put in place.. not because i have anything to hide, but because i believe i have the right to privacy.

That said, I was trying to figure out how to use encrypted email under OS X the easiest. The best solution i could think of would be to have my system configured as follows:

Sendmail actually sends and fetches my email, and encrypts/decrypts it. All email is stored unencrypted on my machine (as i dont care about that aspect of it), and is encrypted before being sent. Then i use whatever mail app i want to work with my local box, rather than some other server.

In other words, a dual local rely type of setup.

Now for the question: Under OS X (or linux for that matter), how would I go about setting up sendmail to automatically encrypt and decrypt my email, and how would i make an email client (like work with it? Is it even possible?
That would be a good way of doing it, however, it would require encryption support on every mailserver your machine talks to. Unfortunately, this isn't available, so your best bet would be to use a local encryption program to encrypt before you hand it off to the mail server. Current best choice is GnuPG for OS X but it offers no integration, that I know of, with

This then of course requires all people you want to email securely to also use GnuPG or PGP, but since it is end-to-end, it provides the best security when done right.