sendmail related woes


After some effort i've managed to get sendmail working happily, however my problem arises when email sent through the sendmail smtp server arrives at it's destination email address. The reply address on those messages appears as:

The main problem being that the 'host' name is shown in the email address. I have setup e-mail forwarding for my domain so that mails sent to:

get relayed to my main pop3 account.. but how can i get emails sent to:

to be relayed to my pop3 account?

Maybe there is a way of changing the address of emails I send through sendmail so that the 'host' isn't displayed? javascript:smilie(':confused:')

Hey There,

I have had great success with a little know web based app called WebMin - find it at: and click on the webmin link..

This series of scripts controls everything from time to kernel boot configurations... Oh and of course Sendmail config

-Scott D.
Couple of options here ( actually its sendmail so there are probably billions ).

Probably you want to do is have sendmail masquerade as the local domain.
( masquerade as shoudl be available as an m4 macro which you can compile to a new - if you don't use m4 macros to build you should consider the possibility that you are a freak of nature who is an abomination and must be slain with a stake through the heart , and have your remains scattered to the four corners of the empire )

However, note that there is ANOTHER macro - for exposed users. Exposed users always report as username@host.domain, rather than username@domain. You shoudl check that the user sending the email is not named as an exposed user ( typically root should always be exposed ).

I would also check that your DNS has an MX record that defines the host in questions as the Mail Exchanger for that domain.
Could you help me ?

I installed webmin, like Yoshi explained it. Everything goes well. Except for the address mapping.

Let's say I want to have two "webmaster" mail accounts. One on the domain name "" and another on "". is my default domain. I created a user "webmaster" and a user "webm2" in "Users and Groups" (system preferences of Apple's GUI).

I try to create the address mapping :
Mail for :
Send to : webm2

And an error message appears :
"Failed to save Address Mapping : makemap failed :
makemap: error opening type hash map /etc/mail/virtusertable: executable files not allowed"

Do you see what it means ? What should I do to make it working ?

Thanks for your help !


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This error message:

Originally posted by Didj
"Failed to save Address Mapping : makemap failed :
makemap: error opening type hash map /etc/mail/virtusertable: executable files not allowed"

says to me that your virtusertable has incorrect permissions. In fact, it has too many permissions. Try this in terminal:

cd /etc/mail
ls -al

what permissions does that file have? Does it even exist for you?