Sent Messages Not Ending Up In the Sent Folder And Saving Drafts- Mail 1.3.11. (v622)


A friend of mine has a problem with Mail 1.3.11 (v622). She has specified in the preferences that copies of the mails she sends should go into the "Sent" folder, yet they don´t end up there - they just disappear.

In addition, when she is writing a mail and wants to save it as a draft, she is asked if she wants to save it, then she clicks on "Save", and then she gets a message saying the mail can´t be saved.

I´ve gone through all her preferences and can´t find anything that would cause these two things to happen.

She´s running 10.3.9 on a Mini.

She´s doesn´t have administrator privileges, so I´ve told her to have her IT-people repair permissions.

Any ideas?


Scratch & Sniff Committee
Could be that there is no space left in her quota on her mail server. Every time you save something, even to the sent folder, it uses up space on the email server. If your account is full, it won't let you save. Try backing up then removing some messages, especially if they have attachments. Also, check with your ISP to find out if there's a quota on your email, and how you can check how much of it you are using.