Separate Partitions Still recommended?


I currently have Mac OS X on a separate partition on my work machine (G4 MP) and OS 9.2 and OS X on the same partition on my iMac at home. I suppose looking through files and folders is still a little bit cumbersome on my iMac with both OS 9 & X being there together. Is it still recommended to install these two OSes on separate partitions?

If it is, what's the latest recommendation? I currently have a 40 GB HD on my G4 at work with:

8GB for Scratch Disk for Photoshop (used daily for large files)
2 GB for OS X
30 GB for OS 9, Classic Apps, and all my documents

Before I update to 10.1, I'd like to know if this is still the best set up. I'm assuming that if I keep the OSes separate that I should keep OS X Apps on the OS X partition, therefore a larger partition would be necessary. Is that so? Do you think Photoshop will still benefit from a separate Scratch Space once it goes to OS X? I'd like to be consistant with both my home Mac and work Mac. Any thoughts?
Partitioning Scheme
Here's what I've had for a few months:

30GB HD on my Power Mac.

Part. 1: 2GB for OS X

Part. 2: 25.29GB for a clean OS 9 partition with no effects of OS X.

Part. 3: 700MB for Classic.
This is what I have:

Partition :
1) Main drive --> OS X and OS 9
2) Applications
3) Scratch space

4) (actually another HD) storage and apps.

I think you should have apps separate in case you need to clean out your HD partition and reinstall the OSs, other than that I have joined up OS X and OS 9 ever since 10.0 came out

When I first installed X on my PowerBook, I wiped the drive and put a clean install of 9 and X on the same volume. I had some real classic stability problems with that configuration. I had the classic environment quitting on me constantly.

I then wiped the drive and partitioned it into large X and small 9 volumes. Since then, I've had no classic stability problems.
Separate apps from OS is a trick I taugh myself when I was experimenting with the MacOS when I first got my mac about seven years ago. I corrupted my OS software many many times and had to reinstall cleanly :p ... so I lost everything... so I learned that and backing up ;)