Sept 13....


mach-o mach-o man
Well, when I was at the Apple store (Columbus, Ohio), the employees didn't know when it was comming... but a few customers said the 13th!

(That is, the release of 10.1, if ya didn't pick up on it)

Can't wait!
The thing that no one has replied to me about is this:

Is the upgrade ONLY an online applestore thing, or can I got my computer/software/applestore reetailer and pay $20 and get it ?
The overall consensus has been that it will be a $20 product at the online store. There has also been speculation that it will be given out in the stores for free. (The update that is, not the free version:p )

I wish it could be a download, if the $20 is really for shipping and handling, then anyone who can pass a speed test should be able to download of Apple's servers.
He he he, perhaps you and I could download the 500+ Mb update but the general 56k dialup public cannot... but even if we could, apple needs to maintain servers, T3 connections, and all network deals to make such downloads possible ;) That costs $$$.

I would pay $20 for the update but I do not want to do it online. I prefer to limit my online spending :) Give it out at the applestores dammit (so that I can go get that cute girl's phone number that works there too :p) lol

I have not heard what the official word is on the employees is, but the one that helped me out was quite knowledgeful and I even tried to pull a couple of fast ones on him and he knew the answer lol (might have to change my user name to Admiral_lawyer lol )

I liked the store :D...tutorials, software, and most importantly LOTS OF MACS TO TRY OUT :D I likes the iBook and some nice looking DV cameras.

Not only did I find them to be smart, but they were friendly.

Most of the ahem, pc, stores in cincinnati have this "We are better than you" attitude. The apple store was a nice breath of fresh air.

Now why they put the apple store in Columbus instead of Cincinnati is beyond me. ;-)
LOL Why they put the MA apple store in Peabody and not in Cambridge or Braintree is beyond me ;)

So is 10.1 out tomorrow ?
I'm plenty happy they put the store in Columbus, to be honest. They only way I could get there on the opening day was by Columbus's COTA bus system, and that took an hour and a half (even though any other day I could have gotten there in 20 minutes) just to get there. Goodness knows how I would have gotten to Cincinnati.

Anyway, I also asked someone at the Apple store there about OS X.I, but I wanted to know how we could get it. The person I asked said, since the $20 is for shipping and handling, that one could just go into one of their stores with a blank CD and burn it there, for free. I only hope that I'll have access to a car the day they release OS X.I.