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1. OSX 10.1
2. Office should follow shortly
3. New StarTrek show Enterprise
4. School starts so I get to work less.

Gonna be a good month!

From the ads running on UPN, it looks pretty flippin cool. I wondered how they were going to make the sets look they came before the original series without looking cheesy.

does spock & uhura (or whoever) have those grroovy round psychedelic screen savers behind them?
Technology is going to be weird,
I expect the technology to look similar to wht they had on the excalibur (or whatever they called the ship in Babylon 5: Crusade).

As for screensavers.... you are probabbly going to see sonar screens lol :p
It does look good. I was wondering the same things. OS X 10.1 looks great, and I would gladly pay wahtever Apple wants.
Jdog, how come you get to work less since school starts? What do you do if you dont mind me asking...??

My official title is Firmware Engineer Intern. I help help out my group with things like setting up new computers, we have rewired our lab a couple times and I did most of the grunt work. I also get to work on programming projects once in a while. The good part is they pay for my schooling! As an intern, they stress that school is more important than working, so during the semester, I work only what school allows.

He he
I was recently promoted to a supervisor position at my university :p They will now foot the bill for my education and pay me lol... the only bad thing is that I can only take 2 day classes per semester (which isnt that bad considering that all my CS classes are at night lol :p)

Dudes, Enterprise is going to rock!

No more Janeway "Do it"
no more Jakotae "My father told me once..."
no more emmotional hollograms.

But, on the other hand
no borg (unless we get some time travel...)
no borg lady (7 of 9)
no Tuvoc

no, actually, Voyager was a great series. It will just be neat to see the Trek without all that "sub space demodulating RF static warp shell transwarp" jargon.

If only TimeWarrnet would carry UPN where I live.... looks like the antenna isn't going down any time soon!

He he...but star trek without the technojargon aint cool :p

I did my final paper/presentation for physics on Warp Theory & Propulsion lol :p

OS X 10.1........ I go to sleep every night dreaming of it. Not really but I work for a ad agency and if OS X 10.1 is as good as I think it is I am going to switch over the whole office (especially when Office X comes out). Forget adobe, OS X rocks and I have GIMP and Freehand!!!
Originally posted by AdmiralAK
I am really looking forward to enterprize. I am curious to see what they are going to do with it :)

they'r going to change it's spoon shape to a fork !!!! yyyaaaaaaaaaaaa

gota take a chill pill now
Originally posted by kilowatt
But, on the other hand
no borg (unless we get some time travel...)
no borg lady (7 of 9)
no Tuvoc

Now they are going to have the vulcan be the hot girl on the show. The part is being played by Jolene Blalock, you can see her an I suspect there will be borg, wasn't there a movie where the Next Generation crew had to go back to keep the borg from stopping that guy who developed warp drive? Or am I just cut and pasting bits of other movies together?

Yep you are right.
THe inventor is Prof Cocrane or Mr Cocrane or whatever lol :p It was ST: First contact.

Ok guys not all mac people are geeks....

Not all of us waited days outside for first tickets to Star Wars I, oh wait we did.

Not all of us thought 7 of 9 was hot, oh wait we did.

Not all of us saw all the Star Trek films, oh wait we did.

Not all of us think Pi was the best B&W movie, oh wait we do.


When is the trekkie convention coming to my town??????:D
I thought that there was a constanct trekkie convention in CLI heaven he he he :p

As for Pi... the abckground sounds were annoying lol...but it was a good B&W movie... wall street people, scientists and orthdox jews going after the meaning of life ha ha ha :p
2 things:

1) How will the naming convention work? The original series' Enterprise was NCC-1701. Later updates/replacements added letters (NCC 1701-A, etc...) My understanding of ship naming in the real world's navies is that it cannot be designatted using the NCC-1701 series. Or will they just not have the naming convention yet as this is so early?

2) I believe by the time this show is supposed to take place OS X will have replaced WinDoze and will be pre-installed on all Federation vessels (whatever rev is current at that time). We will, of course, need to add a Vulcan keyboard and Language pack as well as a Universal Translator system pref...;)
Hmmm naming convention eh ??? How about NCC-1701beta lol :p That will be a suprise :)

2) The federation was not created that early, or at least I dont think so. The first species according to trek to make contact with earth were the vulcans after zefram cochrane's warp flight.

As far as universal translators...well ;) what can I say ??? One OS one CD but multiple languages like OS X :) (I sure hope that apple has greek in 10.1 or else they will be hearing from me and other greek users lol :p)

hey apb... what do you think of the new apple store opening in peabody ???? I think it would have been better in the Braintree mall. I dont feel like driving all the way to peabody :p