Serial Data Acquistion


I have an electronic digital caliper made by Fowler Instruments. It is attached to a serial cable.

On a PC, you can connect this device to a serial port and it will input data directly to an ASCII file. You push a button on the caliper and the current value on the caliper is written to a file. VERY convenient, especially when you are doing repetitive measurement tasks. No stopping to write.

I have a Keyspan serial-to-USB cable, and I have installed the appropriate Keyspan driver (version 1.8). Still, when I press the button on the caliper, no data is input to a text file.

I emailed Fowler and they said, in essence, "we don't do Macs, and neither does our whole industry". Is there any way to make this work?
Well it sounds like ther is an extra driver involved in the process. Go to the terminal and enter

cd /dev

and look for something like tty.usb-sdgag that will be your usb serial port. Then type

sudo cat tty.usb-whatever

Then push the button on your doodad and see what is printed out. Let us know what you get. ;-)

Good Luck!