seriously! I've got no print center, anywhere...


What am I doin' wrong?
I've located NO utilities folder!!! and therefor also no print center.

Anybody got a clue?

If you don't have a utilities folder in your Apps folder you may need to reinstall. I'd try using sherlock first though, and make sure that it didn't get moved. But considering how stringent the user priveleges are in X, I can't imagine the Utitlities folder being moved.:)
I've tried every possible query in sherlock, but nothing compared to print center, that's why I wonder if I was the only one. But I guess I am. Leaves nothing but to take a good look at the installer, maybe I can install stuff like the print center upon my OSX.
I just got the rest to work, I really am not looking fore to installing it again :)

thanks still